Facial Expressions



EXPRESSIONS - Babies to Teens

E-Book Vol 3








Due to page count restrictions, a number of photos taken for the first Facial Expressions book did not make it into the final printed edition.

Now, just for the asking, you can get these extra reference photos along with other gifts for artists. To get these extras simply fill out the form below and request them.  


Your 4 special free artist gifts include:

1.) 10 pages featuring 132 photos of 3 more models not included in the book. Because this book is so jam-packed with photos, I ran out of room. Now you can get these extra pages not available elsewhere.
$11 value

2.) 2 pages of phonemes not included in the book. I also had photographed an African-American man's phonemes, but again ran out of room. But with this offer, you can get them all. 24 photos.
$ 5 value

Phonemes Sample

3.) 5 pages featuring 80 photos of pointing references. Conceptual and storyboard artists are always drawing people pointing at the focus of interest in the background. The gallery features 9 models, men and women, young and old, casual and formal, pointing at distant objects. This entire gallery of photos did not make it into my book. But I want you to have it for your artwork. $10 value.

Pointing Gallery

4.) 14 high-resolution, royalty-free images of cloudy skies. These images include 9 wide pans, sunsets, storm clouds and more. Each image measures between 1,000 and 4,500 pixels wide. They may be layered, free of charge, into any animation or piece of art. $12 value.

All 4 gifts are yours for free, a $38 value, just for the asking. The reference images are so useful I'm sure you will also buy my Facial Expressions book.



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"Thank you so much, Mr Simon, for your time, this exclusive offer, and your guidance through the books and articles. I deeply appreciate it, my thanks and heartfelt gratitude for the same."
Harsha Chandriani


"Many thanks for the freebies.
I bought four copies for my company. I am a toy designer and Creative Director. Our latest project involves facial expression.

Boy, I sure wish I had your book back when I wanted to be a cartoonist. Great book!"
Thanks again.
Mack Fraga.